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OPENING HOURS PAGE - we are now open by viewing by appointment only - 3rd Jan 2019 furniture pages updated! A few bargains!


November 2018 - We are really sad with this decision but after the last couple of years juggling with the dramatic decline in the customer footfall, one that has mirrored imaged the High Street in general and the economic climate, we are now open by appointment only offering the last few pieces of furniture for sale from in our showrooms. This has been a very hard decision and one that has taken us a long time to finally come to but we have to move forward with the times and there is no question without doubt that online viewing/shopping is the way forward. It has become no longer viable for us to keep our Shop as part of the business. Customers find it easier to view on the pc and no longer feel the need to visit before purchase hence the dramatic fall in footfall, especially, as we are in a such a rural location, and therefore we appreciate you have to make a special journey by car rather than pop in whilst food shopping etc.

Wow! We close with pride! We have had the most sucessful 15 years of trading in what started out quite a gamble, taking over a failed village shop and turning the premises into probably one of the best known Furniture Shops in the area (!) With no passing footfall trade only the A338 traffic, our reputation grew with recommendation and customers travelled from locally and far afield- thank you!

In our opening year we decided to dress the furniture up with a few accessories and this side of the business grew and grew ! Thank you! Memories of queues at Xmas, one member serving normally Candy (!) hair on staff, haa haa! I recall even wrapping my reading glasses up in tissue paper with an Xmas decoration lol! How kind my customer was to return them to me and how we laughed! Never forgetting good old fashioned service and carry to car too! How I was kept on my toes from the moment of opening the door in the morning! How times change!

What fun it was exhibiting the largest 15ft stand at the Rockbourne Xmas For for many years until I could not longer find time for both as that too was so busy! I hope you still enjoy the accessories /Xmas decorations, mirrors, lamps etc., lovely memories serving lovely customers with such stylish taste! Always a pleasure to serve! Happy times! (I have plans to launch myself back on this front online in the near future, keep eyes peeled, ears open!)

We always appreciated the fact that customers travelled from all over the Country to visit us mainly for Mark's beautifully restored furniture that was always that little bit different. Thank you to his customers too, some I never met as you bought from our website.

We were humbled and honoured to have supplied the first Pig Hotel, Brockenhurst with furniture and their other hotels. We always respect customer privacy but oh how we were so excited to serve more than a few famous people too, who visited - even with Royal connections!

In conclusion, we both sincerely thank you for your custom. Please keep an eye on the website and if driving past, the shop window. In the meantime we will be adding the odd piece, it is our intention to offer a few bargains but our furniture stock will remain very limited.

The Shop side of the business is now by appointment only, we will continue to offer items for sale on the website and in the window with viewing by appointment.

Thank you sincerely once again

Candy and Mark
The Old Pine Stores - Breamore

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