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Stylish Accessories that compliment our furniture


hydrangeas in vase next to table lamp

rose gold glass vase with cream hydranges in next to white lamp and shade


blue hydrangea stems - £8.90 each or 3 for £24
Measurements: 68cm


frosted blue rope vase - £15.50
compliments 3 x blue hydrangeas nicely!
Measurements: 29.5cm(h)


cream hydrangea stems - £8.90 each or 3 for £24
Measurements: 68cm



copper/black lantern with batter operated candles included - £46
Measurements: 54cm(h)x32cm(w)x18cm(d)


Cow in hat canvas - £49
-currently sold out
Measurements: 80cmx80cm

flowers and garden vase - £14.50
Measurements: 23cm(h)x20cm(w)


silver/rose gold heart/rose canvas - £49
Measurements: 80cmx80cm


silver/gold heart canvas - £49
Measurements: 80cmx80cm


pink rope bottle vase - £15.50
our 3 x deep pink hyacinths look nice in this!

Measurements: 29.5cm


Rope/metal wall hanging clock - £currently out of stock
Measurements: 60cm(h)x42cm(w)


rose gold t-light holder - £out of stock


rose gold jar t-light holder - £out of stock


rose gold bottle neck vase - £28
compliments 3 x cream hydreangeas nicely!

Measurements: 31cm(h)x 18cm(dia)


large rose gold hour glass vase - £39
cream hydrangeas look good in this with a spray or two of holly!

Measurements: 40.5cm(h)x27(dia)


antique silver metallic bottle neck glass vase - £17.50
3 x cream or blue hydrangeas look good in this!
Measurements: 29.5cm(h)x13cm(dia)


antique silver metallic bottle hour glass vase - £22.50
3 x cream or blue hydrangeas compliment this vase well
Measurments: 41cm(h)x16cm(dia)


large metal/glass Tour de France wall hanging clock - £
currently out of stock

ready to hang - Measurments: 76cm(h)x54cm(w)


white frosted rope glass vase - £15.50
looks good with 3 x blue hydrangeas!

Measurements: 29.5cm(h)


hydrangrea stem in
hydrangea stems - £8.90 each
or 3 for £24
can be posted - please contact us


lavender in painted basket - £12.95


Vintage style storage box - £13.50


Vintage style storage box - £21.50


ceramic honey pot with lid - £14.90
'Happiness is homemade'


Mr. Ratty - £currently out of stock - Spring arrival
cast iron - ideal for outside but he's gorgeous for indoors too!
He has a friend, Mr. Rabbit who will be on this page a.s.a.p.


pigs - £55/£39/£14.90
currently out of stock
made of iron and can go outside but so sweet for indoors!

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