We currently have various coloured 5 hooks - coatracks in stock approx 71cm wide - £34.80 + £8.50p&p

Vintage painted wooden coat hooks


Vintage wooden painted coat racks/hooks


Vintage painted wooden single coathooks oldpine.co.uk

lots of lovely Vintage painted coathooks all different colours original paintwork oldpine.co.uk

quirky and lovely coathooks single vintage wooden painted rustic

fantastic original painted timber with iron hooks - Vintage coathooks ready to hang on wall oldpine.co.uk
Vintage painted single wooden solid coathooks for sale - £6.50 each
can be posted - £4.50 p&p
these look great mixed and matched, perfect for b&b's/restaurants and/or commercial outlets as a little bit different!
they are off cuts so not totally symetrical but this makes them even more quirky!
ready to hang - wall mounted


14th September 2017 - 5 hooks are available again and ready to despatch, over the next few days we will update this page with various colours, in the meantime contact us with your preferred colour using VH or numbered codes below and we will do our best to get as close to the colour as we can


Vintage painted wooden coathooks, ready to hang, wall mounted, rustic, grey, cream, white, earthy colours

September 22nd updated - new arrivals - any of these four interest you?
top two are in the grey family, third down peachy cream, fourth colour greyish white.
£34.80 plus p&p £8.50

close up of four Vintage painted coathook wooden rucstic coat racks wall mounted ready to hang - oldpine.co.uk
more '5' hooks to be uploaded


Vintage painted coathooks for sale - £34.80

coathooks and coatracks

Vintage painted wooden coat hook racks - £34.80 each
p&p £8.50
approx 71cm wide
email us about these coathooks



Vintage painted wooden coathooks/racks
sixteen colours to chose from!
Each coathook has five iron hooks for hanging hat and coats. These are extremely solid wall mounted coathooks,
nothing flimsy about them at all!
Ready to hang.
All approx 71cm wide - £34.80 each plus £8.50 p&p
card payment by phone or email for bacs details

Vintage coathookspainted coat hookswall mounted coathookspainted coathooks
above - wall mounted Vintage painted wooden coathooks/racks
cast iron hooks for hat and coat


even if the no has sold - please email us because we have lots more!
So pick a no, and we will try and match the colour with the surplus hooks we have and email pics over to you.

coat hooks stock ref 1-5painted coathooks stock ref 1-5Vintage coathooks stock ref 1-5wooden coathooks stock ref 1-5
above coathooks ref: (VHf1-5-)
No 1,2, 4 and 5 sold out
each rack approx 71cm - £34.80
plus £8.50 p&p


above coathooks ref: (VHf 6-10)
No 6, 7, 9 and 10 sold out
each rack approx 71cm - £34.80 plus £8.50 p&p


above coathooks ref: (VHf 11-16)
No's 11,13, and 16 sold out
each rack approx 71cm - £34.80
plus £8.50 p&p



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